Dear Friends and Readers,

I am happy now to be able to share with you a MAD HATTER Book Trailer!

Feel free to share this with your book clubs and literary contacts.

MAD HATTER is now launched and available to order at your local bookstore!

Guernica Editions is the publisher, and University of Toronto Press is the Canadian distributor; Gazelle Book Services distributes in UK.

MAD HATTER is also available from online sources: See links below for Publisher, Canada, UK, USA.

The Guernica launch last weekend was a big success and lots of fun with nine Guernica authors reading at the Supermarket Bar & Restaurant in Toronto’s Kensington Market.

On October 4th we launch in Montréal, and on October 6th in Ottawa.

On October 9th I will do a solo launch at Queen Books, Toronto; and I will be reading in Vancouver on November 12th, and in Victoria on November 13th .

You will receive invitations to these events closer to the time. I look forward to seeing you!

Please consider writing a short review and rating MAD HATTER on Amazon and Goodreads. This will help enormously in promoting my book!

All good wishes and thanks for your support of MAD HATTER,