El Sendero Encarnado

(Spanish version of The Reddening Path)

Verdecielo Ediciones, Ciudad de Panama,

Traducción de Patricia Schaefer Roder

Isthmus of Tehuantepec and city of Tenochtitlan, 1519. A young woman survives the bloody conquest, thanks to her unusual ability for the interpretation of tongues. She is horrified by the native peoples’ extermination, which does not keep her from being a key element in the killings, nor does it stop her passionate love for a Spanish captain. Despite her privileged position, the interpreter becomes a prisoner and subsequently an exile; this historic character and her descendants will suffer banishment and the misunderstanding and betrayals of their new environment.  

Toronto and Guatemala City, 2003. A Canadian student of Guatemalan origin begins the search for her biological mother. Her only references are the memory of flight from and survival of a massacre in an indigenous town. The young woman travels to her birth place with an obstinate desire to connect. She will meet people of a mystical nature who will urge her to unravel the violent events which have transformed her life.
The yearnings and lessons that drive these two stories of the diaspora take place in different centuries and in diverse regions of the American Continent; nevertheless, they converge masterfully in the personal experiences of loss and reconstruction.