Featuring Amanda Hale’s The Road Leads to Crosby Beach

Sixty-one writers reveal their family secrets in prose & poetry.

Don’t Tell not only spills the tea about family secrets; it also delves into the condition of their endurance in old letters and faded photos, and their revelations via DNA testing, slips of the tongue, and uncomfortable silences. This collection reminds us of the length families will go to in maintaining silence, safety, or respectability, and of the courage of those who reach into that dark rain barrel of the past and draw up the truth, dripping and wriggling, into the present day. If you’ve ever discovered – or been – the family secret, Don’t Tell is the book for you.” – Tanis MacDonald, Prof, Dept. of English and Film Studies, Wilfrid Laurier University.

Love of the Salish Sea Islands – essays, memoirs & poems by 40 island writers

Mother Tongue Publishing, Salt Spring Island. Editor Mona Fertig

Featuring Finding True North by Amanda Hale

Love of the Salish Sea Islands features a sparkling archipelago of writers who draw us into the lives, land, and waters of their island worlds. A wonderful read – many wonderful reads.”  Ronald Wright, author of a Short History of Progress.

Mother, the Verb, Swan Sister Treasure Book – Linda Rogers and Friends

Featuring Amanda Hale’s Mother, Earth

A collection of work by established and aspirant artists, mostly women, with a few allies, who serve the idea of One Human Family.

MUSINGS: an anthology from the Toronto Heliconian Arts Club, editor Sheila E. Tucker

Featuring Amanda Hale’s Sealskin-Soulskin

“An anthology is a meeting place — where ideas are shared and work is illuminated in conversation — a perfect symbol for the rich legacy of the Heliconian Club itself: a place for exchange of views and solidarity among women artists for over a century.  Art achieves many things, but most fundamentally and powerfully it asserts — as does this exuberant, compassionate, beautiful anthology — that art is a place for the reader, viewer, listener, to come and be heard.”– Anne Michaels