August Readings on Hornby Island:

Aug 8th 2019 7pm Readings from Mad Hatter at the Hornby Island Arts Council
Gallery in the Woods, 2115 Sollans Road

Aug 18th 2019 1-330pm “Summer Works”
Amanda will be reading with her Hornby Island Writers Group
at the Hornby Island Community Hall, 4305 Central Road @ Sollans

Aug 22nd 2019 230 pm Hornby Island launch of a new anthology from Mother Tongue Press –
Love of the Salish Sea, featuring 40 Gulf Island writers – memoir, poetry, essays.
Readers for this event include Amanda Hale, Cornelia Hoogland, Des Kennedy,
Matsuki Masutani, Anne Eriksson, Gary Geddes, Maureen Moore – at the Hornby Island
Community Hall

MAD HATTER launches 2019
Sept 8: Supermarket Bar 268 Augusta  Avenue, Kensington Market, Toronto. Afternoon group launch of Guernica Editions Fall list
Oct 9: 6-8 pm: Solo launch at Queen Books, 914 Queen St. E, Toronto
Nov 12: 630 pm: Mainstreet Book Warehouse, 4118 Main St @ King Edward/25th, Vancouver
Nov 13: 6pm: Bastion Books, 14 Bastion Square, Victoria


Amanda Hale is currently seeking a producer/director for her screenplay adaptation of Sounding the Blood – 1915 Queen Charlotte Islands whaling station: A family is shattered by the death of a baby son. Unable to accept their loss, the parents neglect their daughters until the rebellion of 15-year-old Bella, in love with a Japanese boy, shocks and ultimately reunites the family.


In October 2010 Amanda was a participant at a conference on Transgressive Writing at Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic. The participants’ essays were published in the academic journal Brno Studies in English, Vol.36, No.2, 2010, Transgressive (Auto)Biography as Genre and Method. Amanda’s essay, Imagining a Geometry of the Soul, can be read on this webpage, in the Creative Non-Fiction section of POEMS AND STORIES.